Saturday, November 24, 2007

North End Development Watch

Here is the sketch of new condos going up at the corner of 6th Av N and Hume St:

Impressions? (If you have direct financial ties to this project and want to comment, please disclose that in your response).


  1. They look just like the condos being put up all over East Nashville. I think this jutted out bricky colored thing is going to be our generation's ranch house.

  2. Hopefully this will create momentum and encourage others to move forward.

  3. First impressions from stopping at the site and looking at the designs posted on the board.

    What I find interesting/odd is that the design calls for 2nd and 3rd bedrooms on the ground floor, main living in the middle, and the master bedroom up on top, with the terrace.

    I would think that if you have children, you wouldn't want them on the ground floor. Fear of break-ins. And to have to lug groceries and the like up to the middle floor... also less than ideal.

    Do others have similar reactions to this type of a layout?