Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cooper Votes Against Linking War Funding to Withdrawal Timetable

Tennessee Blue Dog Democratic Congressman Jim Cooper joined 14 other House Democrats in voting against legislation linking $50 billion in funding for Iraq and Afghanistan wars to requirements that President Bush start bringing troops home within 30 days and complete troop withdrawal a little over a year from now.

What is wrong with declaring victory in Iraq and setting a timetable to bring the troops home so that the Iraqis will assume responsibility for their own mess? Our soldiers need to stop being played by this administration as stooges for private contractors and security companies like Blackwater.


UPDATE: Look! Roadside bomb incidents are down. So, why can't we tug on those congressional purse strings to motivate the President to declare victory and to start bringing troops out of Iraq?

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  1. I wonder if there's any chance that 2010 could bring a redistricting that would split Nashville up a bit, so we can get a Representative who is a little more representative of Davidson County's core.