Monday, December 03, 2007

State Puts Warning Signs Up at Bicentennial, But They Post the Wrong Information and The Signs are Unlit

A Little Simplification went hunting this morning, searching for new open-closed signs at Bicentennial Mall and what she found was rather shameful:

If the single line on the uniform, unlit pillars I observed in the park this morning are the "new signs," frankly, they suck. Even if they're the way the hours for the park were previously posted, they're wrong. They list the hours of the park as 6AM-10PM. The November 14th email indicates that the park is opened from 7AM-11PM ....

UPDATE: The Commissioner's office says that the existing signs have been "updated" and that new signs will happen "in the future," but are not scheduled yet. So, the signs are both new and wrong. Lovely.

So if you have your night vision goggles on after 4:00 in the the winter time, then you'll be warned to be out of the no-mans-land that is Bicentennial Mall by 6 hours later and it actually closes 7 hours later.

Go read the rest of her observations about the response of the two hour rape of a Germantown resident. You will get a feel for just how poorly both government and media have responded to calls for some, any overnight security at the state park.

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