Sunday, March 09, 2008

MEDIA ALERT: Local Fox News to Look at Dangerous 7th & Garfield Market Tonight at 9:00

Salemtown Neighbors President Freddie O'Connell will be interviewed on the 9:00 report about K&M Market, where a shooting occurred two weeks ago and where they sell single serve 40 ounce beers (and not much else).

UPDATE: Well, the piece (now viewable on the Fox website) was less about the market and more about the partnership between police and the neighborhood association to prevent and to fight crime. When it aired on TV, the anchor referred to the shooting at the K & M Market after the end of the video. It's was a good, positive piece about Salemtown and the association, but I would have liked to hear more about solving the problems caused by the market. That one small reference to it at 9:00 was the first time the mainstream media has even acknowledged the recent crime. And there was no reference to what the market might provide that attracts a criminal element.

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