Saturday, August 16, 2008

English Only is Astroturf, Not Grassroots

Mainstream media finally confirms what (and who) Eric "English Only" Crafton had to hide: of the $20,000 his English First ballot initiative raised, $19,000 came from a national group with nativist, anti-Black and anti-Hispanic ties. Since that represents a cross-section of Republican Party voters, I'm sure the Dave Co. GOP appreciates the help. Crafton was smart to hide those damning ties before he got enough signatures.

Once this appears on the ballot, Crafton doesn't have to mobilize a majority of Davidson County voters to win. He only has to mobilize a majority of the 20-30% of eligible voters who turn out for general elections. English Only is probably going to win with the votes of only a small fraction of the County's total adult population and with the help of mostly tainted outsider money, which Eric Crafton couldn't raise at home. It's going to be a minority exercising mob rule over everyone else.

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