Friday, January 09, 2009

City Paper Ignores Tygard's Unethical Relationship to Habitat for Humanity

Despite CM Charlie Tygard's disconcerting history of self-serving patronage to Habitat for Humanity, reporter Nate Rau merely describes Tygard as a "longtime supporter" of the charity in a story on an attempt to win favorable zoning for Habitat. As if spinning Tygard the philanthropist could undo a legacy of dubious behavior:
  • Sending $50,000 tax dollars to Habitat for a council "bonding" experience while running for Vice Mayor
  • Using Habitat for Humanity's brand name as a tacit endorsement for Tygard's campaign for an at-Large Council seat
  • Promising during his last campaign to continue to send Metro tax dollars to private non-profits like Habitat for Humanity
It's no wonder that Charlie Tygard continues to fight for Habitat in Metro Council. Their brand name has been working for him for a long time.

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