Tuesday, January 06, 2009

S-town Freddie Takes on the Volcano

I gave you a lot of the details about lingering problems at Volcano Discount Tobacco Market in Salemtown yesterday. This morning the Tennessean merely touched on them by referring to public health and safety, and it quoted the tired refrain by a grocery and convenience store lobbyist to "Enforce!" It's obvious where the mainstream editorials pick up their "Enforcement!" meme in spite of the lack of a shred of evidence that the laws are not being enforced.

And as long as we're on the subject of enforcing laws, how would the media and store supporters suggest police enforce littering laws any more than they already are? What do they want Nashville to do? Put up surveillance cameras and raise taxes to hire more cops to sit at every beer-selling market in order to catch litterers in the act? You want to talk about impractical? Let's talk about trying catch litterers in the act and punish them to the degree that they never litter again. The impractically of banning single-serving beer pales in comparison to big-taloned, micro-obsessed litter law enforcement. And how come litter laws (along with every other law) don't constitute a "nanny state instinct" for the impossible task of "legislating good behavior"?

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