Monday, October 03, 2005

Don't Rock The Jukebox? Do Rock The I-Pod.

The Mayor's Office recently announced a branding initiative to spotlight the "wide variety of musical genres" available to audiences in "Nashville Music City." That's a step in the right direction. The Mayor's branding initiative also distinguishes Demonbreun Street from the Music Row Roundabout to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center as “The Music Mile.” While that seems to allow "5th Avenue of the Arts" to develop its identity outside of the corporate (especially Country) musical sphere, it seems to ignore the historic African American musical legacy centered around Jefferson Street, as well as the Museum of African American Music, Art & Culture, which will be built at the corner of Jeff St. and 8th Ave., North.


  1. They're going to brand a street you can't technically drive down (as long as the bridge is out)? Does this mean they'll fix the bridge sometime in the near future? Or that tourists will be given jet packs so that they can go all the way down this "Music Mile"?

  2. I vote for the jet pack, because I doubt TDOT (aren't they the ones working on the bridge?) notices the brands of the miles of roads on which they work.