Sunday, October 16, 2005

Further Evidence That That The Majority Of Metro Council Members Does Not Care A Lick About Integrity

Yesterday, and most shamefully, only 9 of 38 Council members showed up for the requested session on the Ethic Task Force recommendations.

Where the hell were Charlie Tygard and Ronnie Greer, both of whom have delayed and resisted ethics reform in Council loud and long?! Where the hell was Mr. No-Tax-Pledge Jim Gotto?! Couldn't Michael Craddock pull himself away from his Old-Buildings-Suck Protest long enough to get more information on the ethics bill?! Where the hell was my own Councilmember Ludye Wallace?!

This is just another example of how there are only a few Council members who are worth their salt this year--Jameson, Briley, Hausser immediately come to mind. A goodly number of the rest seem to be just taking up space meant for more qualified public servants.

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