Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mayor's Office Confirms That Bill Purcell Will Not Pursue A Third Term

The Mayor's Office confirms this afternoon a story that John H. first reported:

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October 22, 2005
Purcell says "No third term"

Mayor Bill Purcell today said he will not seek a third term and called for Metro Charter revisions to limit mayors to two terms, reduce the size of the Metro Council and create an independent Metro auditor. Purcell announced his plans at the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods 5th Annual Celebrating Neighborhoods Conference before 200 neighborhood and community leaders. He established the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods in his first official act as mayor when he took office on September 21, 1999." I believe that in the next two years we will complete all the things that we set out to do when I took office six years ago," Purcell said. "We will have built the school rooms we need to provide a quality education to our students. We will have a police force that is fully staffed and visible and touches every part of our city. We will provide a quality of life to every neighborhood in Nashville through our parks and sidewalks, greenways and bikeways." Purcell said based on his experience and the precedent of other elected offices, he believes two terms should be the limit for mayors. He said he will ask the Charter Revision Commission to "clean up" the Metro Charter and limit the number of terms for a mayor from three to two, the same limit put in place for the Metro Council in 1994. He said he will also ask the commission to look at two other amendments. Purcell said it is time to consider reducing the size of the 40 member Metro Council, which is currently the second largest in the nation. He also wants to establish an independent auditor for Metro under the Charter. "Today, Nashville is recognized nationally for its accomplishments in, economic development, focus on education, and quality of life," Purcell said. "The foundation we have established for neighborhoods is set and serves as a model to other cities. Together we have accomplished a great deal and we will finish the job by staying focused over the next two years."
Okay, I was really irritable and mean when I criticized the Mayor for introducing his budget to the exclusive Chamber of Commerce audience a few months ago. I feel better now that at least he saved his bigger proposal of a Charter overhaul for the neighborhood groups at a free lunch. Bygones.

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