Sunday, October 02, 2005

Electric Lines To Morgan Park Place To Be Buried

The trench dug on the park border to hold underground electric lines that will power Morgan Park Place. Rather than putting more unsightly poles up to hold power lines, developers are "hiding" the lines underground. Morgan Park Place residents will still have to look at power lines across Van Buren St. and 3rd and 5th Avenues, but at least no new poles will be put in beyond the new one in the picture that carries the current from the extant lines to the underground ones. That's also a positive for the rest of us: fewer poles and lines to obstruct views. Also, no need for NES to hack stately trees to stubble in order to prevent limbs from knocking down power lines in storms. Now if we could find a way to sink all of the lines on the North End, what a wonderful world it would be.


  1. Its still very strange to see power lines hanging from every which way. Almost everywhere in California the lines are underground. I heard from a few builders that as of last year, all new developments are to put the lines underground.
    So like you said, at least they aren't adding more to the mess.
    But taking care of the "entire" problem would definately be grand:)

  2. The poles and lines are just plain ugly, and I would hate it if our house was oriented toward the street like many houses in Salemtown are. Most of our big picture windows though face the backyard, though, where there is no line or pole in view. When we lived on the East End, our townhouse was also oriented toward the backyard, but the power lines and cable TV cables ran down the alleys and criss-crossed over backyards to get to the houses. It really did mar the view from our back deck. Now we've got an unobstructed view in back, but sitting on the front porch or looking out a window guarantees a view of the mess of multiple lines and poles.