Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Northeast Nashville To Get Streetscape Grant

While the neighborhoods around Dickerson Pike stand to the east across the river from the North End, they are not very far away as the crow flies. We are also connected to them by the main artery that runs across the Jefferson Street Bridge. I drive through that neighborhood several times each week. So, any word of financing major development on the south end of Dickerson Pike is also indirectly a good word for the North End.

There is an article in today's Tennessean about a $1.3 million state enhancement grant for the "Dickerson Road Streetscape Project," which will be used to revitalize Dickerson Pike between Spring and Grace Streets by strengthening "cultural, aesthetic, and environmental aspects."

I met Sam McCullough, Executive Director of North Edgefield Organized Neighbors, at the Mayor's Conference this past Saturday. He was interviewed for the Tennessean piece, given that the development is in his neighborhood. He gave us his own suggestions on Saturday for working through the grant process in light of Salemtown's community block grant (the Tennessean mentions that MDHA was administering a similar block grant in Sam's neighborhood).

It's fantastic to see a substantial amount of federal money going to an area that needs it.

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