Thursday, October 27, 2005

Baltimore Developer Stays With Downtown Ballpark Plans

The Tennessean reports this morning that Struever Brothers said yesterday that they would be the developer of the new Downtown Soundstown, as previously arranged.

The only remaining remarkable obstacle seems to be the Metro Council, which seems now to be bucking even though a few months ago it seemed sure enough to expedite its recommendation that the best use for the riverfront property would be a new ballpark. Given all we've been through with the Council this year, are we surprised by their waffling?

But leave it to Councilmember David Briley to redeem Council nonsense by proposing a great idea for Nashville: a "windfall profits provision" that would allow Nashville to be a secondary beneficiary should the Sounds be sold for a larger profit because of the new ballpark. That would sweeten the take. It's like icing.

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