Saturday, October 22, 2005

Neighborhood Conference Today

I am about to head over to the Mayor's Conference on Neighborhoods this morning. The emphasis this year is on security and Chief Ronal Serpas is the keynote speaker. Chief Serpas may not be in a great mood given the story on his $4,600 desk/credenza in this morning's Tennessean. The reporters didn't bother to give us a standard or minimal cost of office furnishings, but $4,600 is more than I would pay for a work desk. But the difference between $4,600 and whatever the Tennessean's ideal cost for a desk would be would probably not pay to keep the neighborhood watch program up and running.

The reporters also quote Ben Cunningham, who was previously an anti-revenue lobbyist with Tennessee Tax Revolt. Just out of curiousity, how does one move from being an anti-revenue lobbyist to becoming an "ethics activist"? Is it is simple as the shift from one political hot potato du jour to the next? Shall we call it "niche stalking"?

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