Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Enclave's Salemtown Old Home Curb Appeal Tour

I finally intend to take the Germantown tour of homes this year at Saturday's Oktoberfest. After reading Paul Darden's "North Nashville and Germantown: Yesterday and Today" (1982), I am interested in seeing the in and outs of the century+ old homes. Germantown has some of the most beautiful and oldest homes in Nashville, so I am looking forward to the tour's eye candy. Given Germantown's stock of old homes, a tour of Salemtown's historic homes might be what Kosmo Kramer's Peterman reality tour is to the real Jay Peterman.

Salemtown, which early last century was considered part of Germantown, lost many of its old homes to suburbanization and urban renewal, but we do have several historic homes that either have been or are being renovated. While I have only been in one of them, I walk by all of them on a regular basis. After having lived in three different historic neighborhoods in Nashville, I feel qualified to highlight the three historic Salemtown homes that have the most curb appeal to me.

Here are my top three in order from one to three:

All of these homes are on 5th Ave., North. Salemtown does not have a tour of homes, but that shouldn't stop you from driving or walking by them to enjoy the scenery. If you attend Oktoberfest this weekend and want to see them, just drive or walk north on 5th from Germantown past Morgan Park and Werthan Lofts.

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