Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Will Java Ever Have A North Face Beyond Kijiji?

  • I had a chance to chat this morning with Bob Bernstein a bit while I was waiting to pick up a latte and he was waiting for his breakfast over at Bongo East. I asked him again what the chances are of him starting a coffee place on the North End. He told me that he had been approached by folks in Germantown about it, but that there was not much brewing, because real estate prices in Germantown are skyrocketing. Most of the discussion of a coffee place going in at Morgan Park Place seems to be coming more from developers end. It's also not clear that one will be going in at Werthan. I mentioned, as I have in the past, the possibility of grabbing a warehouse over in East Germantown. Bob told me that he is now interested in more than just a storage facility for the coffee if he can find a good arrangement to start a shop. That gave me a chance to mention Salemtown to him. I told him that Salemtown's real estate prices are still lower than Germantown's, although they are probably shooting up at a faster rate than Germantown's ever have. He asked me, "Where is Salemtown?"

  • On a side note, Bob confirmed news that I had previously heard that Portland Brews is going to open a shop on the East End.

  • On another side note, Bob and his wife are expecting a baby! A new heir to the empire, no doubt.


  1. A baby? That's fantastic news! Didn't Bob marry the woman who owns Las Pallatas on 12th?

  2. You are correct, blanketnazi. S-townWife and I have searched for Las Pallatas at 12 South, but we have not found it yet because it has no sign. Bob told me this morning that it is near the park. I guess we are going to have to get out of our car and pound the pavement to find it.

  3. Last building on the right before you get to the street that borders the park (when you are going out 12th). The bldg is two-story..Paletas is on bottom story..i'll be happy to show you myself, since i am a regular patron!

  4. It's fabulous and definitely worth the trip!