Friday, August 08, 2008

But the tallest candle stick ain't much good without a wick

Folks are spreading the kudos around today to the Mayor and to the CMs who voted for Ronnie Steine's memorializing resolution encouraging voters to vote against Eric Crafton's "English Only" if when it appears on the November ballot. Let's set aside the question of whether our expectations have sunk so low that we actually give kudos to politicians for just doing the right thing. More importantly, is last night's action going to have any influence at all beyond being more grist for Crafton who may spin this into out-of-touch government trying to impose on voters?

Accuse me of cursing the darkness rather than lighting one candle, but I don't see anything that happened last night as igniting a mobilization of English Only opponents or sparking a call to conversion of English Only supporters. So, I'm not so sure kudos are deserved. If community leaders are spending any time posturing on this issue, it's too cheap to be called bold, and they are wasting time that could be spent planning and implementing strategy to defeat it. Unless journalists can dig up any dirt to discredit Crafton's movement and/or unless our leaders are organizing their communities to help defeat this, last night was more than likely the climax of any attempts to kill Crafton's movement. As such, it was anticlimactic.

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