Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Last Night's Long Council Meeting

Well, I got in from the Tuesday night Council Meeting about an hour and a half ago. After eating some cold pizza and comforting the kid, who seems to have been roused by a slight earache, I am now getting a chance to report:
  • About a dozen Salemtown residents showed up for the Public Hearing on the 6th and Garfield rezoning bill in order to oppose the Salem Gardens' 6-duplex plan. We turned in a petition with 72 names supporting the Planning Commission's judgment. After some rather confusing Council discussion on the matter, they voted to support the Planning Commission and Salemtown Neighbors on the alternative zoning, which requires 3 single family homes and allows 2 duplexes. Balance won, and we were thrilled. Thanks to all council members who voted with us.
  • Mayoral candidate David Briley's bill to clarify the height restrictions in urban areas passed 2nd reading and received support from about a half a dozen residents in Public Hearing. A couple of developers expressed opposition. Mr. Briley said that he would sit down with developers and try to iron out differences before third reading; else, he would defer at that time.

I'm tired now. Mike out.

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