Thursday, May 24, 2007

Metro Historical Commission Awards Salemtown Single-Family Homes Distinctive Preservation Accolade

Mayor Bill Purcell and Metropolitan Historical Commission Officials presented Trust Development with the "Distinctive Preservation Award" for infill projects at the 32nd Annual Preservation Awards Ceremony at the Nashville Public Library on Thursday May 17th.

The award recognizes the diligent and detailed construction of the 3 historic replica homes called "The Clayton on 6th Avenue North," which were designed by Lynn Taylor. The Clayton sits near the intersection of 6th and Coffee St. Trust Development Partner Jim Creason responded:
Salemtown is a great neighborhood and we are excited to be a part of the positive transformation taking shape in the area. This award comes at a time when developers in the neighborhood have a choice between quality-oriented development or "hoe-hum" projects that put profit before all else.
This is great news for Trust, but it also gives Salemtown distinction and housing diversity that the community deserves. This significant recognition should be a lesson for other developers who only see Salemtown as a neighborhood where they can slap things up without regard for balance and where they can pack as many buyers on to a plot of land as possible. Quality should be rewarded, and it has been at 6th and Coffee.

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  1. It's true about the balance of things. Salemtowns property owners are all about quality over quantity.
    We want developers to turn a profit on the projects they have going here but if you're not interested producing a product that is above & beyond the norm and which will benefit the neighborhood then look else where or prepare for resistance from the neighborhood.

    We are proud to have and help promote Trust Development they have built some stunning homes and have been very good in there communication with the neighborhood association. We hope they keep up the good work on all fronts.