Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ludye Wallace Defers Salemtown Rezoning; Says "Public" May Not Understand It

District 19 Council Member Ludye Wallace deferring a bill is not news. Like fish take to water, so Ludye takes to deferrals.

But what is news for Salemtown--and frustrating news for all of us who have worked so hard for several months to fight for balance in the neighborhood--is that Ludye Wallace convinced the Metro Council last night to defer the final reading of the 6th and Garfield re-zoning bill until June, saying that he plans to do something he has never done in the 3 years I have lived here: hold a community meeting, so that he can discuss the matter with the neighborhood. He also told the Metro Council that we may not understand the zoning and that the RS7.5, which Planning has told us is meant for single family homes may actually allow duplexes to be built on the old Salem Gardens properties.

I await his notification of this community meeting. I await it with disbelief and resolve.


  1. This is absurd! He tried pulling this "public may not understand" junk during the 2nd hearing. We, the Salemtown residents who attended, as well as the individual Ludye called on to explain the RS7.5 amendment, made it perfectly clear that we understood what was going on.

    Maybe Ludye doesn't get it and is blaming his ignorance on us... or maybe he recently played a "friendly game of golf" with the developers.

  2. Yeah, I'm not real happy with Ludye either. He seemed more than happy to stand up for Harold White last night and say that the council persons don't have to do what their constituents want.

    I hope you get your community meeting.

  3. I agree that this is completely absurd. Everyone that I've spoken to in Salemtown understands perfectly what is going on and the only one who seems to be confused is Ludye. As someone who has spent a good deal of his personal time dealing with this matter, it infuriates me that he is delaying this for absolutely no reason.

    If what the planning commission has told us is true, then RS7.5 only allows for single-family housing, which is exactly what we were/are fighting for. Therefore, this would have already been over if it wasn't for our esteemed council member. Congrats Ludye, on yet another stellar move.