Monday, May 28, 2007

District 19 Candidates Spend Some Holiday Time in Salemtown

On Saturday two of the five candidates stopped by to sit and to chat on our porch while doing some holiday weekend canvassing and generally pressing S-town flesh.

I finally met David Shaw, who underscored that he was the only candidate with roots in the North End area, including a grandmother living in Salemtown. Mr. Shaw spoke of the need for change in District 19, not just of Council Members but of the Ludyesque lack of availability in and lack of responsiveness to neighborhoods like Salemtown. He told me that he intends not only to be available and responsive to neighborhoods, but that he intends to have an office on Jeff Street in Germantown where residents can find him when needed. According to Mr. Shaw, no other District 19 candidate will be doing that. I was impressed by his candor about the needs of the community and I came away pleased that we seem to have another strong and insightful candidate running for our council seat. He told me that he intends to attend our June 25 Salemtown Neighbors meeting.

Freda Player also came by and we had a good long chat about local politics. Freda's grasp of the ins and outs of local politics is remarkable. She seems to have a thirst for political knowledge to compliment an encyclopedic well of information on which she is able to draw anecdotes to illustrate her aspirations for public service. Her borderline political geekiness seems balanced by a friendly, listening connectivity. She tells me that she has already started making inquiries around Metro about some interstate-sliced neighborhoods in District 19 (like Salemtown) that lack TDOT sound and sight barriers. It looks as if Ms. Player is proactive, too.

The District 19 candidates whom I have met so far are competitive and they are giving one another a good race for the finish line in August. I truly hope that they continue to make our decision a difficult one.

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