Monday, May 21, 2007


Not too long ago I had a verbal altercation with some residents suspected of dealing drugs here in Salemtown (vehicular traffic coming, staying for short periods of time, and going from their apartment at all hours of the day and night). They accused me of calling the police on them for some loud noise they were making a few nights before (which somebody else had done), and they told me that they were not going to be driven out of the neighborhood.

I saw them moving out of their apartment last week. They will not be missed. But, unfortunately, someone in some other neighborhood will be forced to deal with them now.


  1. And buh-bye to Lawler. He is banned from Enclave from here on out. I won't abide anonymous trolls.

  2. Possible locations: (IP (IP

  3. Lawler1 removed for trolling.

    Probable location: (IP
    --Automated License Systems affiliated with State of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

    2 other locations read comments at around 11:45; labeled for future reference.