Thursday, May 10, 2007

More 6th and Garfield Zoning Details

At this very moment a "Subdivision Public Hearing" is being held by the Planning Commission to get public feedback on a Salem Gardens partnership request to subdivide the two of five original properties (the ones zoned MUN) into three. The purpose is to orient those parcels to Garfield and to raise the density. The Planning Department tells us that the three remaining properties on 6th Avenue will remain RS7.5 (if Metro Council approves on Tuesday's third reading) and stay unaffected by the request.

I don't see much opposition in Salemtown to this newest wrinkle. That is fortunate since only one household that I'm aware of was notified of the Public Hearing. How can a hearing be public if the public doesn't know about it?

On a related note, some in the Salem Gardens partnership have asked to sit down with Salemtown Neighbors leaders to discuss their plans for the site. It is late, but at least they are trying to work with us now. We remain resolved about the need for balance in developments.

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  1. I spoke with Taurus McCain a few days ago when he pulled over after driving by my mailbox (I was checking the mail). He seemed very willing to discuss their development plans with me (and the rest of the Salemtown Neighbors)in the near future.

    Hopefully this will lead to something good.