Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Morgan Park Place Par-tay

A good crowd of community leaders, elected officials, business people, and construction types attended this evening's celebration of the Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award given to builders of Morgan Park Place for sustainable construction. There were a handful of us from Salemtown.

The builders of MPP, the Lawrence Brothers, announced to the crowd that they will be striving in Phase II of their townhouse project for a higher LEED certification than Phase I, which won them the Governor's Award. They also announced their invitation to use their LEED expertise to advise and to assist other builders who are interested in sustainable, eco-friendly development. Time for you other North End developers to get quality and get on board.

Skip Lawrence of Lawrence Bros. Builders, the first builders to ever win the Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award.

Mayoral Candidate David Briley asks for support for his LEED Certification Bill currently pending in Metro Council.

District 19 candidate Freda Player.

District 19 candidate Erica Gilmore.

Council Member Ludye Wallace (in hat) greets David Briley.

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