Thursday, May 31, 2007

Outside Judgment: Salemtown Brought Down by Duplex Kings

The duplexes are plenty, all over Nashville in all of our neighborhoods. Every time I pass a lot where one is being built it makes me think about how much the developers dont care about anything accept pulling the biggest possible profit they can. With no regard for the neighborhood or anyone who lives in it .... [A]nyone who's taken a peek at Salemtown knows the duplexes there are very very plentiful .... The only urban neighborhood that comes to mind when I think of single family homes is Hope Gardens, which IMO is starting to gain steam because of that and surpass other neighborhoods who tend to build way more duplexes.
Such is the reputation we are getting to some planning-conscious outsiders, Salemtown. People look at the some of the multi-familyindividual/high density crap that builders like the Duplex Kings are putting up lately in Salemtown and wondering whether it is setting us back behind neighborhoods like Hope Gardens, which seems to attract single-family homes and more attractive builds.
We better start strategizing and doing something about it, folks, or people with lots of money and little taste (like UP, LLC and the development groups at the corner of 6th and Buchanan) will take over and supersaturate our neighborhood with more crap that makes others scratch their heads in puzzled disaffection.

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