Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lock One Park

Today we spent Mothers Day across the river on the North and East Banks. The pictures below are from Lock One Park, which is across the Cumberland from MetroCenter. It is on a bluff that was one of the earliest white settlements on the river (1780). Before the TVA built dams to control Cumberland River flooding, this land had a lock for that purpose.

Lock One Park is a bit secluded, and I would not advise children going without adults. However, it has the potential to be a beautiful green space if Metro would refurbish the crumbling old walls of mortar stone and flagstone, clear out brush, and put in some safety rails by the river. It has an outstanding view of Downtown and across MetroCenter (the Mother House at Mount Vernon Gardens across MetroCenter Blvd. from Starbucks is seen clearly in the last photo). It would be a great spot for picnicking if Metro would tend to it.

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