Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hispanic Hookers Garner Media Attention

I'm building an Enclave library on City Paper Reporter Jared Allen's pickups and splashes. Mr. Allen is gaining quite the reputation for being the CP Foreign-Born Criminals Beat Writer; let us hope he has some Spanish fluency so that he is able to balance all sides in his writing (there are other journalists whose bilingual abilities would suggest greater balance).

This morning Allen's topic is "Hispanic Brothels," some of which are run by illegal immigrants. As if the bordellos run by legal criminals do not warrant mainstream media attention. I know that the City Paper has some red meat to dangle at its target conservative audience, but why can't it do some investigative reporting on reputed prostitution and slum lording in communities outside of predominately Hispanic ones?

UPDATE: In response to this post, Volunteer Voters says Allen's piece sounds like news. I wouldn't try to dispel the proposition that it is news. But there are many stories in the naked city. Unfortunately, the City Paper's ideological blinders and tunnel vision exclude some stories and sensationalize others. What ACK doesn't acknowledge is that they have to keep a particular readership that might not be as interested in prostitution unlinked to foreign-born populations. That latter is a real froth-frapper. Just watch the comments board grow under Allen's story today. And for the record, I take on lots of different media sources beyond the CP, especially when they become unbalanced and go just plain wrong.

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