Thursday, May 17, 2007

MetroCenter = "Auto Dealership Central"?

Nashpo has a piece on Hippodrome's planned move to Vantage Way near Salemtown and reports that it is part of a trend that will be bringing more dealerships to MetroCenter. Looks like the days of a quiet jog or bike around MetroCenter may be drawing to a close. Good thing for our community or not?


  1. I just hope that MetroCenter doesn't repeat the mistakes of Cool Springs and put too much high-capacity retail on one road, thereby making traffic ridiculous.
    The attention it will bring to the area could be beneficial, but I do hope the developers that take notice of our area will be ones who consider the impact their businesses will have on the surrounding neighborhoods.

  2. You're more than welcome to take as many of the 70+ car lots we've got in Woodbine as you like :)

  3. How about a free used tire store with each Woodbine used car lot that moves? lol!