Wednesday, May 23, 2007

North End Memorial to "Boys Who Left the Red Wine of Athletic Competition for the Red Blood of War"

Did you know that there is a World War II monument sitting between Salemtown and Germantown? I did not discover it until this past week, in spite of the fact that I have known it was there as long as I've known of Morgan Park. How is it possible that I would have just discovered a monument I already knew was there?

Because I thought the monument was merely a baseball diamond. It turns out that the ballfield between 3rd and 4th Avenues and Hume St. and Morgan Park Place is called "Morgan Park Memorial Field," and it is dedicated to the "THOSE BOYS OF NORTH NASHVILLE" who fought in World War II.

The baseball field is itself a memorial with the 58-year-old marker sitting outside of the right field fence. The dedication prose was written by a Nashville Banner sports editor. According to the April 11, 1949 Nashville Banner, the marker was originally located just outside of the back stop behind home plate. I do not know if that means that home plate was originally near what is now Morgan Park Place or whether the marker has been moved from an original spot at the corner of 4th and Hume St.

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