Thursday, May 10, 2007

What Are the Odds that Two Different Lester C. McClains Share the Same Zip Code?

Thanks to Bill Hobbs for sharing the information from the Governor's Office that the gubernatorial appointee to a safety board, Lester C. McClain lives at:

305 Long Valley Road
Brentwood, TN 37027

The mailing address listed on Metro Property Maps for Lester C. McClain who owns the 6th Avenue property suspected of quartering prostitutes is:

P.O. Box 63
Brentwood, TN 37027

I received the following pictures of Lester C. McClain's other properties in urban neighborhoods from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous. I have not been told whether these abodes house hookers as the apartments on 6th Avenue near Hume are alleged to, but they do not exactly set the bar very high for their communities, either. At least a couple of them clearly qualify as blight (being extraordinarily charitable to the two others):

1711 24th Ave. North
(purchased 1997 for $8000; Duplex; appraisal: $149,000)

1623 12th Ave. North
(purchased 1995 for $15,300; Single family; appraisal: $42,000)

1621 7th Ave. North
(purchased 1998 for $6000; Duplex; appraisal: $80,200)

712 Lena St.
(purchased 1996 for $10,000; Single family; appraisal: 40,000)

My guess is that Lester C. McClain probably takes care of his Brentwood 37027 property (or property) much better than those he owns in North Nashville.

UPDATE: I have added the purchase date, price, and current appraisal to the pictures above.

For purposes of comparison, here is a picture of the alleged bordello on 6th Avenue, North along with purchase/appraisal figures:

1611 6th Ave. North
(purchased 1995 for $16,000; 4plex; appraisal: $109,800)

UPDATE: In comments below, Sageish relates a conversation with a relative who acknowledges that property owner Lester C. McClain and Bredesen appointee Lester C. McClain are one and the same person.


  1. Do we know the dates in which these were purchased? Also, there is clearly some inconsistencies with the overgrown yard at the property you posted yesterday.

  2. The properties were all purchased between 1995 and 1998. You can look up all properties owned by this individual in the Metro Maps, and see purchase price, date, and appraisal value. The property on 6th, that Mike posted yesterday, is well mowed. The lot next to it, however, is not, which may have been what you saw in yesterday's photo.

  3. I just assumed the chain-link fence--which is typically used to divide properties--between the tall grass and the apartments in yesterday's photo would indicate property division. I thought that was obvious, but lawler has the addresses and he can go out and judge for himself.

  4. According to Taurus McCain of UP, llc - Lester McClain is one of his relatives. Though I've yet to get in touch with Lester, my conversation with Taurus leads me to believe Lester has been made aware of the issue at his Salemtown rental property.

  5. So, did he say whether it was the same Lester C. McClain whom the Governor wants to appoint to a safety commission?

  6. I mentioned to Taurus the alleged prostitution and the possibility that the owner of that property is an appointed member of a safety commission. He acknowledged this information and said Lester is a relative (95% sure he said uncle).