Friday, May 25, 2007

Salemtown and Germantown Leaders Meet to Discuss Plans

During a meeting yesterday evening of leaders from Historic Germantown Neighborhood and Salemtown Neighbors, proponents of the proposed Historic Overlay on Morgan Park told Salemtown leaders that the overlay would only protect the facade of the historic house at 5th and Hume and the stone wall bordering Morgan Park from demolition in the future. Proponents maintained that the overlay would neither prevent changes or build-ons to the house nor affect programs in the park. The overlay would do nothing to the Morgan Park Memorial [Baseball] Field.

Germantown and Salemtown leaders also agreed to work together to encourage Metro Council to make upgrades to the Farmer's Market (including bringing actual farmers and their organic co-hort in to sell their wares rather than the middle merchants who currently occupy the space). The two sides also agreed to co-sponsor debate forum for the Metro Council District 19 candidates near the end of June. Two of the candidates, Erica Gilmore and Freda Player, have committed to Salemtown Neighbors to participate in a debate.

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