Monday, May 07, 2007

Salemtown Future Need #5: Extend the Riverfront Redevelopment Transit Loop Past the East Germantown Landing

The basic framework on which the Riverfront Redevelopment Plan is to be built is said to be shaped like a "V" extending from Downtown to East Nashville on one leg and from Downtown to East Germantown on its north leg. East Germantown is also the point farthest north of Downtown in which a landing on the river itself will be located.

Salemtown proper is cut off from the Cumberland River by the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Plant that produces other problems for our neighborhood--including time-to-time foul odors (like yesterday's) and the sight pollution for residents along 3rd Avenue and parts of 4th Avenue--also cuts our neighborhood off from direct contact with the river. So, the closest landing contacts our residents have with the river would be East Germantown and Downtown.

So, it would make sense to extend the proposed transit loop past East Germantown to Salemtown and possibly MetroCenter. This could be done most easily by footpaths: extending the proposed greenway from East Germantown to the Cumberland River Levee Greenway in MetroCenter. But if a trolley run is planned for the Downtown to East Germantown leg, I hope that the future District 19 Council Member would look into the possibility of doing what he or she could to extend that trolley leg to a Salemtown transit stop (perhaps a greenway turnaround at the 3rd Avenue Treatment Center strip) .

Extending the vehicular loop farther north would help those Salemtown residents who are less mobile when it comes to walking our greenways. Those residents should not be barred from an East Germantown or a Downtown river landing just because they lack the on-foot mobility of other residents.

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