Friday, May 25, 2007

I Find This Salemtown Scenerio Just a Smidge Troubling

So, I was looking back over the zoning maps of Salemtown after the last Council vote to approve electronic signs for CL and CN zoning to see if we had any business that could plausibly put up electronic signs. The only CN zoning we have is at the corner of Buchanan and 5th Avenue (the intersection with Plumbers of Nashville), but business there cannot put up such signs because the amended bill that was passed requires at least 400 feet between the business and the closest residence. There are houses well within the limit at the location (the unamended bill only allowed a 100 foot buffer).

But that CN is surrounded by a huge chunk of R6, which allows different types of housing, including duplexes. This neighborhood is going to be supersaturated if most of those owners teardown and build duplexes.

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