Tuesday, May 22, 2007

District 19 Now Has a Blogging Council Candidate

While three (E. Gilmore, F. Player, and D. Shaw) of the five candidates competing for the District 19 Metro Council seat in August have websites to publicize their campaigns, Freda Player has launched a weblog on her site, where she is chronicling her impressions of the campaign daily.

I believe that blogging is a great way to get voters to return to a candidate's site on a regular basis to keep up with news from the frontlines of the campaign. I do not think that just having an updated press or news section is enough. That may work for one-time web-site visitors. However, voters also want to read more of the candidate's personal thoughts and dispatches from the front. Campaign blogs open up dynamic dimensions on otherwise static sites.

I hope that the other District 19 candidates will take that extra step and start their own blogs as Ms. Player has.

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