Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An Un-"Neighborhoods Mayor" Veto

Get used to this view:

NashPo reports that Mayor Bill Purcell will veto the Metro Council resolution regulating the commerce of newspapers and media guides on public sidewalks.

Corporate media wins; neighborhoods lose; First Amendment unaffected either way.

[Photo credit: cdub]

UPDATE: The Tennessean is reporting an hour or so after the word of the Mayor's veto that some of the publications that sell their wares at news racks have reached an agreement for self-monitoring "that they hope will eliminate the need" for regulation.

I smell some coordination between the publishers and the Mayor's Office; perhaps a veto in exchange for going through the motions of self-regulating?

But one of the bill co-sponsors, Mike Jameson, tells the Tennessean that there is no agreement since all publishers have not agreed on the the agreement. That is exactly what happened in the recent past when publishers said that hey would self-regulate and failed to do so.

UPDATE: The Council Clerk read the Mayor's veto to the Council at 7:10 p.m. At 7:11, the Vice Mayor suspended discussion of the veto until the next council meeting, since the letter was received in the Council Office at 4:00 this afternoon.


  1. actually, that pic looks like some cop lined a bunch of small robots up against the wall, preparing them for some kind of line-up.

    uh, officer, I think it was that green one there..

  2. I'm with you on this one, Mike. The issue didn't bother me that much to begin with, but the veto smells fishy to me.