Friday, May 18, 2007

Salemtown and Werthan Leaders Meet to Pursue Common Goals

This morning I attended a meeting between the Werthan Homeowners Association Communications Chairperson and the Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association President to talk about joining forces in a larger neighborhood watch, developing joint community projects, and attending one another's meetings. Everyone agreed that forming links between the two associations served residents in both Salemtown and Werthan.

The point was brought out that many Werthan pedestrians and bikers utilize Salemtown as a gateway to MetroCenter and the Cumberland River Greenway, so they already have affinities for and interests in the security of Salemtown. Likewise, all agreed that Werthan residents provide a broader reach for the Salemtown Neighborhood Watch and that they increase our security. We also had preliminary discussions on possible coordinating social activities and community projects like volunteer action in Cheatham Place.

Exciting new opportunities seem to be opening up between the two groups in ways that could not if each worked alone.

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