Thursday, May 31, 2007

CM John Summers Tries to Sneak One Past the Goalie

As Intown Will reports, the Metro Council Member from the Sylvan Park area has put the Sylvan Park Overlay Bill back on the June 5 Council Agenda for third and final reading. It has been almost a year and a half since the bill was deferred indefinitely amidst some of the most laughable antics I have seen. It has almost been that long since Sylvan Park residents overwhelming voted against the overlay. Looks like John Summers is playing dirty pool to me.

This is turning into a banner council term for Mr. Summers, especially when you throw in his vote for English Only. I feel for Sylvan Park. If our council member weren't so comparatively poor, I would pity them, too. I cannot decide which is worse: John Summers staining the reputation of overlays by using them as weapons against his neighborhood opponents or Ludye Wallace trying to undermine the idea of reasonable height restrictions in low-rise city neighborhoods by asking if a building can be built "too low."

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