Monday, January 12, 2009

Eric Crafton Exihibits a Knack for Confusing Himself with Mayors

Eric Crafton has consistently shown the ugly habit of trying to behave like an executive rather than a legislator ever since I started analyzing his actions in 2005. After his English Only bill went down to defeat to Mayor Bill Purcell's veto pen in 2007, CM Crafton told the Tennessean that he would "let Mayor Purcell have his way for a short time." It looks like Crafton's insolent airs, his self-important delusions of grandeur are on display again today as he compares himself to Mayor Karl Dean in addressing a Scene reporter (who once called Crafton, "shrewd") on why he chickened out on a previously scheduled televised English Only debate.

If Eric Crafton really thinks of himself as a county executive, then he needs to run for the office and be one rather than strutting around and acting the cheeky devil with Nashvillians.

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