Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Framing Tennessee: More Coal Ash Covered Chickens Home to Roost

"Tennessee-style" and "Tennessee-like" are becoming standard in nomenclature that outsiders use to judge their risk of disaster. "Tennessee" and "disaster" consistently used in the same breath. Ouch. Maybe a public relations disaster is what this state needs to rouse it from inbred conservativism. Humiliation can be a powerful motivator toward progress. Is Tennessee clued in enough to be motivated away from future disasters?

1 comment:

  1. Tennessee probably is, problem being, Republicans never learn.
    There will be those in this state that are awakened by this tragedy, thankfully.

    But the Tom Delays of our great state, the FOX watching/BushBot types, will never think about anything other then lining their pockets.
    If the world ended today a Republican's last thought would be "where's my credit card".

    This is why I feel so strongly that Kilgore should resign. Denial and transference is the best we can hope for with his like in charge.
    Every single Bush appointee should be replaced and any hired executives laid off.