Saturday, January 03, 2009

Wake Up and Go Vote AGAINST English Only!

Did you know that you can early vote today from 9 AM to Noon? If you are an early Saturday riser and you oppose Eric Crafton's attempts to force Metro workers to speak in a language other than English even if they're just trying to help someone else along life's way, then grab the opportunity and head Downtown to the Howard School Building polls. I've early voted on Saturday before and found shorter lines than on weekdays. Don't put it off! And please offer to take a friend who you believe will vote against English Only, too!

UPDATE: The Tennessean confirms a point I made yesterday about a high first-day turnout at the polls:
With Nashville still largely in holiday mode on Friday, election officials said turnout was surprisingly good on the first day of early voting for the English-only ballot initiative.

The measure, which would limit virtually all government communications and publications in Metro Nashville to English, helped draw 1,161 people to the polls on Friday.

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