Monday, January 05, 2009

Your Chance to Send Free-Spending Eric Crafton a Message

Early voting on English Only continues today as the polls open in less than an hour. Council Member Eric Crafton, who has complained over and over again about Metro's spending on everything from paper to sidewalks, has decided that we can afford to throw away $300,000 to $500,000 on this special election that would serve no purpose other than to divide Nashvillians. And has anyone bothered to ask how much more money in the future will be wasted on investigating and prosecuting Metro workers suspected of using any language but English?

Aren't you tired of Eric Crafton holding Metro government hostage for his own selfish purposes? Aren't you tired of Eric Crafton wasting our money? Have you had enough of Eric Crafton, yet, Nashville?

This election gives you the chance to defeat Eric Crafton's bid to become the mean-spirited, free-spending face of our city. Davidson County was one of the few Tennessee counties to come out blue for Obama in the last election. It needs to come out just as strongly against English Only in this one.

Go vote AGAINST ratification of the English Eric Only agenda!

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