Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Germantown Drafting Overlay Proposal; But Are They Also Subsuming a Public Park?

I am generally a supporter of overlays to protect historic neighborhoods, and I don't mean to pick a bone with our Germantown neighbors, but I have to ask: why is Morgan Park, which is a public park shared by all neighborhoods on the North End, included in the "Overlay District Map" in the draft of Germantown's Overlay Proposal?

One of my greatest disappointments last year was the lost opportunity for Germantown and Salemtown neighborhood associations to work together on the proposed improvements for Morgan Park. I felt like our Germantown friends dropped the ball on that one, and I have never understood why that happened. Now comes word that Germantown seems to be moving ahead on its own and essentially incorporating Morgan Park into its "district" plans. My disappointment has turned into concern and confusion.

So, this past Sunday, I sent the following e-mail to the overlay address listed on the Germantown site:
I was perusing the map for the proposed historic overlay, and I was wondering: why is Morgan Park, which is public, included within the Historic Germantown boundaries? Will the overlay include that park? If so, how would that affect the Park Department's upgrades to the park? A large number of Salemtown residents use the park and the community center (in fact, in the 3 years I've lived here, my experience has been that the use of the facilities is predominantly by Salemtown residents, including the Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association, which claims the center as its primary meeting spot), and as one of those residents, I would be concerned about any overlay that affects the amenities that serve our community. I will be publishing your response to my questions on my neighborhood blog, so please be forewarned.
I have yet to receive a response back from the folk at the Germantown end. I guess my next stop should be the Historical Commission and the Parks Department to find out what the implications are for the rest of us park patrons if Germantown incorporates Morgan Park into its district. I hope this concerns other Salemtown residents, too.

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  1. Mike - Your question was answered quite thoughtfully in the meeting notes that were handed out last night. Unfortunately the timing conflicted with the council meeting which meant that many people were unable to attend.