Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Gore-Hating Rightwards Exploit Family Crisis

The conservative spin cycle is on full heavy-duty wash with news today of Al Gore's 24-year-old son's arrest for speeding and and drug possession. The suspect is not a child. He is an adult who should take responsibility for his own mistakes, his own flaws. But are the conservatives focused on personal responsibility? Nope. They are looking to albatross the former Vice President's neck with his adult son's alleged violations, and they are trying again to lampoon and to smear the noble causes of conservation and environmentalism simply because the man arrested is Al Gore III and the vehicle he was driving was a Prius.

But perhaps the most spiteful, meanest response I have seen comes from former local school board seat-filler and electorally defeated candidate Kay Brooks, who passive-aggressively expresses care for Al Gore III's health and need for help as a pretext to criticize his father and the cause of saving our environment from ourselves. That is sheer, malicious hypocrisy given that when she was running for office, she steadfastly refused to bring her home-schooled children's test scores into the debate about her fitness for a school board seat. She also pompously pounces on the Gore family crisis to pimp the upcoming gathering of a bunch of holy-roller evangelical Christians in Nashville who intend to fix what they think is wrong with the rest of us.

Every once and I while I see Kay Brooks go into these church-lady modes where she expresses back-handed care for someone as a means of bringing them down. And this time she is really presuming to suggest that she is promoting our salvation. Well, isn't that special?


  1. Oh, I don't know....could she be SATAN?

  2. To a lot of us in Inglewood, she comes pretty darn close. She moderates our listserv, and tries to push her view of Inglewood as a little suburb very different from the evil East Nashville, with all it's bars and other sinful places. I wish she would just move to Hendersonville with all the other good God-fearing people who like to eat at Texas Roadhouse.

  3. Oh, and Bush-hating leftwards never, never spoke ill about the Bush twins' citation for underage drinking, did they?!

    Underage Drinking-gate just happened to be fodder for Leno and Letterman for a good month; and I seem to recall quite a few left-wing nutbuckets questioning President Bush's parenting skills.

    Hypocrisy, thy hame is liberalism.

  4. I'm a liberal. Type in "Bush Twins" in the upper left-hand "Search Blog" box on this page and see how many posts in 2,000+ posts and 2-and-one-half years of blogging show up.

    Then come back to me and lecture me on how my criticism of Kay Brooks on this issue is hypocritical. And keep in mind: I'm a liberal.

  5. To Kay Brooks

    Dear Ms. Holier-than-Me,

    I wanna get some of your Holy. I am been without holy for so long and it seems like you have a giant Holy. You have Holy to spare, woman. Gimme some. I'm just sayin', that's all.