Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tennessean Endorses Gilmore for 19; Wants to Clean House in Other District Endorsements

It looks like the Tennessean is in a "throw the bums out" kind of mood with a number of its endorsements of challengers over incumbents running for District Metro Council Seats. After last year's Council performance, I cannot say that I disagree with them.


  1. If they are seemingly throwing all the bums out...why can't they throw all of them out. We have problems in District 29 but it appears it's being overshadowed. HELP us in District 29.

  2. I could agree with your assessment except they also endorsed the councilman in District 4. I can only hope that his opponent did not turn in her survey because their endorsement of Craddock's antics (including placing a homeschooler on the school board)is scary.

  3. Guess the Tenneseean also forgot to throw out Diane Neighbors who silently did a lot of the dirty work by the "little mafia" that controlled the Metro Council last term. I wish the Tennessean would print a copy of the candidates' campaign finance disclosures. The money trail would reveal them all.