Friday, July 27, 2007

Pull an at-Large Lever for Exton

Besides Megan Barry, I have only one other at-Large endorsement to make, but not because I am trying to encourage voters to pull only two levers in the at-Large race. Instead, my reasoning is based on my perception that only two candidates have made conscious efforts to show up in the North End neighborhoods at various significant events. Hence, I can only endorse those whom I know by their presence. For your other three votes, I encourage you to check out the endorsements of others writers whom you may trust.

The other at-Large candidate whom I am endorsing today is Richard Exton. Mr. Exton has attended at least two Salemtown Neighbors meetings in the past year and I have seen him at several other functions in Germantown. To tell the truth, I have spotted him at a vast and sundry number of happenings around Nashville. He strikes me as hungry to govern and to make personal contact with every Nashvillian whom he may well represent after next week. Others attest to his progressive credentials; as a Realtor and a former President of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, he would bring balance between issues of growth and community that we need to hear from a professional perspective.

You know that I perpetually preach balance. So, I encourage you to join me in voting for Richard Exton, a candidate who will help bring balance and level-headedness back to the Metro Council.

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  1. kudos for this endorsement. I think Exton 'will be' an excellent addition to the Council.

    His appearance at our relatively small group meeting was impressive, but more importantly, he seems to have a heart as well as a good brain.