Monday, July 16, 2007

Karl Dean's Message Was Heard, But I'm Still Waiting for an Answer

On the way to drop our little one at her day school this morning, I heard Karl Dean's new "negative" campaign radio ad saying that if he had been in the other candidates' position on Metro Council, he would not have cut $4.4 million from the school budget (which has $6 million in reserve) as they did.

Now that I know what he would have done as a council member I am still waiting to hear what he would have done if he had been Mayor when the newsrack regulation bill crossed his desk. Which is it, Mr. Dean? Would you veto or not veto the regulation of newsracks in our neighborhoods?

UPDATE: PiTW has got some clarifications on what Mr. Dean would have cut instead of the school budget:
The former Metro law director told the Scene he would have targeted other budget line items such as utility and building space contingency funds, but he concedes that would have amounted to only about half what the council was looking for.

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  1. You are SOOO right.How dare he spend time talking about education when valuable time could be spent hypothetically revisiting a local sidewalk ordinance!

  2. A qualified Mayoral candidate should be able to deal with both hypotheticals.

    In fact, Nashville's Mayor has more control over sidewalks than over the Board of Education, which has the authority to determine specifically how the education budget line item assigned by the Mayor will be spent.