Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some Ideas for Buying Locally with Sustainability in Mind

Commenter PF Lynes refers to Lazzaroli Pasta and Morgan Park Place West as examples of local entrepreneurs who represent answers to the local sustainability question that I posed last week. Lazzaroli is a neighborhood pasta business and MPPW is Tennessee's first "Earth-Craft" certified and Governor's Award-winning development for building green.

I would also mention Gardens of Babylon at Farmer's Market. GOB is a local, family-owned shop that emphasizes organic, non-chemical approaches to gardening. Not only do we get most of our plants and yard supplies from GOB, but we also use their organic spraying service, which uses "worm tea," a fertilizer replacement that is generated in a centuries-old practice of straining water through earthworm casings and compost. We are satisfied with the results and with the fact that our family's exposure to chemical toxins is minimized with this service.

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