Monday, July 09, 2007

It's Your Standard Café

I stopped by Downtown's Standard Café (8th Av N) this morning to sample and to judge breakfast. Calling it breakfast is charitable, because I basically had a choice between pastries and what looked like grocery caliber (Sara Lee?) bagels. I chose the latter, so I cannot comment on the pastries. If they are from Provence Breads, then they would get a nod. But the bagel tasted, well, of the wrapped-in-plastic-vintage of store-bought bagels.

The espresso was much better; edgy and strong. It lifted the experience as did the impressive modern metal art filling every open space and tall wall in the place. Standard Café (run by the Standard Restaurant across the street), is a good place to go if you are in west Downtown and want a quick espresso and to linger around some interesting art (the sign says that the Café is open from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.). Only grab a bite there if you have no other alternative. It is, after all, more of an art gallery with café-as-afterthought. Disclaimer: I have not tried the sandwiches, but they were putting them together by hand when I was there.

Parking can be had, but be careful: the two small lots immediately adjoining the MadMod Building (housing the Café) are pay lots owned by someone else. Free parking is available in a small lot that sits north of the small pay lot adjoining the north side of the building. Their lot has posted signs that say "private parking" and "permit only," but the manager of the place told me this morning that patronizing their shop is your permit to park and you would not be towed.


  1. Interesting.. I had been wondering about this place every time I walk by it on the way to the Y.. I thought it looked fancier than it seems by your description.. Do they do dinner or anything at all as well?

  2. I love MadMod, its a fabulous furniture store. And the Standard Cafe has been a great addition. The parking lots are a little confusing. I have opted to just park across the street and pay my $0.25 at the meter. I have "heard" that their lunch is much better than the breakfast. I'll let you know when I go later this week:)

  3. Just to clarify, I am the manager of the cafe and I appreciate the write up. We are a grab and go version of our well respected and reviewed restaurant, The Standard at the Smith House. We are mainly catering to the business's and residents of downtown, offering a quick and quality Cafe experience in a unique venue. We do have pastries to go with your morning coffee to help you get through your morning and handmade sandwiches and salads made fresh every morning for a quick lunch.