Saturday, July 21, 2007

McMansions Arrive in the North End

Looks like the Historic Buena Vista Neighborhood is super-sizing its scale. These huge new builds are on Arthur Av between 10th Av N and the I-65 loop near Mt. Bethel Baptist Church.


  1. Could be worse, they could be duplexes.

  2. Which would put them in Salemtown instead of Buena Vista.

  3. Tandem,
    They are duplexes look at the two front doors.

    It's not Salemtown, but they are being built by Salemtown's very own award winning Trust Development. The same company responsible for Clayton @ 6th.

  4. I only see one front door on each house. The houses are detached. I looked between them to make sure.

  5. There is a front door that faces the street (boarded up) and then there is a front door that is parallel to the street in each building. Making a total of 4 front doors in 2 buildings. Look at the picture on the bottom and blow it up. The house on the right has a door to the right of the leftmost window.