Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mr. Coffee Changes His Roast

The City Paper editor has stooped to showcase Enclave today, only not so much in a flattering way as he links a shadow-troll-site to my blog to do a little journalistic scoffing.

I guess scoffing at certain local bloggers who have been critical of coverage in the past is Clint Brewer's idea of good public relations and the raison d'etre of the City Paper's new blog set. Of course, we should expect attacks on neighborhood sources when drubbing for sport gets past editorial approval (if not pseudonymously written by the editor himself).

But Mr. Coffee once sang a different tune to yours truly:

"" to me


I just wanted to write and introduce myself via email. I read your blog frequently and I understand you have had - and continue to have - some issues with our news practices and coverage. I think the first issue I recall was actually before I started this job and you took exception to the "gangs" article involving your neighborhood.

I would just like to extend the offer for an open dialogue by phone, email or personal visit. Whatever you prefer. It is always my practice as an editor to seek out criticism of my newspaper, and I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our shortcomings. I would also like to learn more first hand from you about what is going on in your neighborhood. I imagine there are issues there we are missing.

I would rather our paper be a resource for engaged citizens rather than a sore spot, as long as we can agree to disagree from time to time. I think reasonable people can do that.

The signature below includes my direct line. I hope you will make contact.

Clint Brewer
Executive Editor
The City Paper
3322 West End Ave.
Suite 1050
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
(615) 301-9229
After accepting his invitation for coffee in my next-day reply, I didn't hear back from him for an entire month, so I figured that he wasn't so serious about meeting (and girls, you know what a virtual purgatory it is sitting around waiting for that special guy to call back after asking you out).

Lately it looks as if he considers the NCP's past "shortcomings" to be not so short. So, don't piss Mr. Coffee off local bloggers, because now he has a blog himself and he'll link you to every troll he can find even while his publication ignores the substantive news that affects us locally (or at least they'll find a means of screwing it up when they do cover it).


  1. Wow. Seriously: wow. I know you don't wrap your criticisms in niceties, but damn. He and Garrigan come across as pretty low class.

  2. Perhaps you're being too hard on Mr. Coffee, Brittney.

    I think that he could say that with the e-mail he made more of an effort than GARRIGAN ever did. However, given Clint's total failure to finish strong on our 2006 meet-up and given his latest link to trolls who obviously have some spare time on their hands for single-focus shadow blogging, I have got to wonder whether he was ever serious about meeting at all or he was just throwing me a line hoping to hook a rebuff of gasket-blown proportions.

    Nah. You're not being too hard on him.